The way nature intended

Converting legumes and pulses into the highest quality neutral flavoured & functional plant-based ingredients whilst preserving the functionality of pulses, their proteins and their starches.

How will the product integrate into existing processes?

3 formats for use in the food industry


Technology is used before milling to produce a bland/neutral tasting FLOUR


Technology is used before fractionation/dry milling to produce a bland/neutral tasting CONCENTRATE (A concentrate is a partially purified protein)


Technology is used before wet processing to produce a bland/neutral tasting ISOLATE (An Isolate is a highly purified protein)

Benefits of NUB's technologies

Food technologists

  • Creates neutral tasting, functional protein concentrates
  • Simplifying the food formulation process
  • Eliminates the need for excess sugar, salt and masking agents


  • Better tasting products
  • Simplified ingredient list
  • Chemical-free process


Sustainable processing techniques reduce our:
  • Global warming impact
  • Carcinogenic impact
  • Energy resource consumption impact
  • Water consumption impact